Tuesday, February 20, 2007

political adz

i couldnt remember how many funny political advertisement were there. i just couldnt stop laughing and smirking at all of them hahaha. i especially love one though:
"Pichay sa Senado" ITANIM

3-20-07 additions

Ralph Recto's slogan is coRECTO with matching check sign

And here's an addition, a forwarded text from so called Pichay's nephew pleading for votes for his uncle, the text goes:

Guys, favor po. Please vote for Pichay kasi uncle ko sya. Tnx. :)


Nga pala, sa Jessica Soho reports ko unang narinig to, di pala kasama sa "bahay kubo" ang ampalaya, oh yes kantahin mo pa! Buti na lang kasama si pichay!


mark said...

wahahaha, actually i've heard that jingle. and it also made me laugh. i think they have a base here in ortigas, in front of megamall. and everytime we wait for our bus, we usually here it. hahaha... GBU temz

mark said...

wahahaha... astigin...

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