Thursday, February 01, 2007

things to do in 2007

you could have had raised an eyebrow or two when you read the title. hahaha, my calendar is very late eh! nyaaay.
ok so here it is:
school, office, finance, church, family, love

- to get high grades in school
- i am also hoping i could get a scholarship (full) because here sa office they only give me 5k per sem, yikes
- to read and read more, there is no way i could learn more
- to earn more friends, our prof treat us out last nyt at yellow cab! great huh! she had a doctorate in economics when she was still single (i guess), she has only gotten married last 2002, but she's good and knows the stuff she's teaching us, well she better know we paid for her knowledge and guidance anyway. i don't heart her yet but i appreciate her treating the class out, she said the reason for that was celebration for aera wedding last week and tin's wedding on may and joan paula (jp) despedida for australia. now that JP has withdrawn, only us 8 shall continue the program =) nyaiks
my classmates names were tin aseron, nerie castano, brian chua, aera lee lee (haha her & her husband's surname is lee), leah damalerio, israel malipon?, shaina ____, and jp

- to know better the finance thing and the worksheets and the edc-operation as a whole (pro active daw)
- to write reports better, meaning i hope to translate the number into a sensible report =P
- to have a continuous good relationship with new boss and section mates (new and old)
- to undergo trainings - company paid ones hahaha

- to earn more this year hopefully get a higher increase haha, is it in my control? partly yes and partly no, yay
- to save more by having that scholarship, oh please pray for that, please...
- to give more to others

- to have time for the youth (teeners, young prof and everyone in between)
- to attend at least once sa mission (last year i nominated 12 mission trips, i havent gone to any)
- to audit FS, and audit well
- to have time to read and pray on a specific time (hopefully in the morning)
- to have a harmonious relationship with everybody sa board and sa whole church

- to see, talk, play, have fun and enjoy my weekly time with them
- to treat nanay and tatay out or send them to a date or something sa valentines kaya?
- to give gifts to evrybody on their bdays, kahit maliit lang
- to earn their trust more and help without feeling stingy
- to get more closer to each of them esp my siblings

- to love more
- to know more
- to give more
- to laugh more!

- to meet new friends and get to be of help to them
- to smile more
- to be patient more
- to love more... mwaaah mwaaah mwaah

basically, the theme for this year is MORE LOVE...MORE LAUGH

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mark said...

ehemmm, my b-day is march 08... :)

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