Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i need energy boosters

I need energy booster to...

1. make me wake up at 6am in the morning, do chores sa bahay and go to office early so i could do my assignments here. doing assignments at home is chaos especially we don't have a study room.

2.anticipate valentines day hahaha guess what? i will be reporting on that day, i dread 'options', eeeew. i've been reading a lot about it and the more i read the more i get scared. there are hundreds of issues and i dont know if i could ever grasp everything. and yes, i wish someone, sometwo,somethree hahaha will give me flower/s. Mak, since you're the only one reading this... (complete the sentence)

3.become pro-active in everything i do, have to do and should do. i.e. church, family, office, school and lovelife!!! yada yada 8)

4. write some more but i dont have time

oh my, i almost forgot to tell you, i went to bacolod last monday and went back yesterday tuesday. we went to the No. Negros Geothermal Plant and it was beautiful, the view deck is great cold, windy.. lovely! bought piaya and napoleones. the city is not as great as cebu but the people are malambing, nakakatuwa! we also had a short trip to mambucal, which we could have enjoyed better if we were walking but again due to timeretraint we have to tour on a car. sayang may wall climbing, slide for life and swimming pool pa naman. i would go back there promise.
i dont have pictures kasi both me and didnt bring camera. nways, thanks to janice, nene and amay who took time to tour us. =)

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mark lagman said...

and yes, i wish someone, sometwo,somethree hahaha will give me flower/s ----> and chocolates, and lots of gifts :) and hope that someone would treat me on starbucks or something :).

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