Tuesday, October 17, 2006

of cheating

This is not an entry about love. Its about the nursing controversy and how it is affecting the Filipino community here and abroad.

Foremost, WHAAAT was that? Why do we have to cheat for a piece of certificate? Is it really too big a deal so that one may continue his American dream? Where was integrity on the part of the two examiners who have given away their test questions?

What then will other countries tell us? Cheating issues on our election arent even solved yet. Havent you notice that it was like a habit for some of our beloved politicians? Those who didn't win always believe that they were cheated. Some risk the remainder of their bank accounts for a recount, some risk their lives. But still cheating remains. Ok ok this is off subject.It is true that this issue is far greater than that of the Nursing Board Exam controversy but can't you see the similarities?

And now there's these 'sepsis' scare in one of Pasig's hospital. WHAAAT was that again? Haaay, how could anyone appease the mothers who had carried their babies for 9 months. Could you just tell them "Oh ma'am sorry coz we don't have water nor electricity to clean our delivery rooms." Kainis. This is off subject too hehe =) Matalino naman kayo, you better know why I've connected this issue here.

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