Wednesday, October 04, 2006

no billboard days

Is armaggedon coming in for EDSA's billboards? On my way home to Calumpit last Friday, I didnt see any, as in any, billboard in Edsa. But I did see a bus and a car wreaked (as in pretty serious) by huge billboards, the bus in magallanes flyover and the other in Australia, este, Estrella. And who will we blame to this homicide? Errr, can someone tell me?

news about storm milenyo

Storm Milenyo had done serious wrath to Manila and to, (whaaaat, oh no, not again), Bicol. What did Bicol do to deserve all these???

The storm left 77 victims. I hope the next time this happens to Manila or to the rest of the Islands, we will be ready enough to face it. No more falling billboards, flying roof, blackouts, disconnected telephone network and lives lost.

But in the end, we just have to trust God in all these. We may not know his plans but it will always be for something better. A learning experience, perhaps.

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