Friday, October 27, 2006

grown up Christmas list

Lapit na pasko. regalo ko ha. i've been joting down my grown-up christmas list for days now. i still couldnt finish. actually, i couldnt even finish #1. I always want to jump and start my selfish wishes. But that should not be. Come to think of it, what should I put on my #1 list? Hmmm... Ikaw? What were your wishes for Christmas?

That was what I wrote on my blog the other day. And I am sending this to you now for one reason. Something about Christmas (and the meaning of it). But before that let me tell you how I came up with one big plan.

I was on my way home to Calumpit, I was really thinking of something great to do, something not for me. A thing that would make me happy. Really happy. Alas, there came an idea (or a vision haha whatever) and I was instantly happy and I haven't even started doing anything yet.

This past few days, I've been collecting kiddie/happy meal toys from McDo/Jolibbee. I was actually saving them for Christmas time. I intended them really for my pamangkins. But you see they have enough toys already. And they will still have rather more toys come Christmas.

And so I planned of giving these toys to other kids. Kids who don't have new toys to play with. Kids who will need it more. You see, when I was just a kid my family don’t have much to buy me new toys (we still don’t have much though just enough haha) but I have titas, teachers from Sunday School and a lot of dear ones who have made my Christmas bright with gifts of toys and love. And now its high time to pay them forward.

I would want to touch hundreds of children but there is one big catch. I have only collected handful of toys and I still need moooore. I need friends who are willing to give ONE (just one) kiddie/happy meal toy each. (But if you wanna give a hundred toy, why not!) And here’s a bonus, with the toy you will donate I will give you a bracelet especially made for you or to whomever you wish to give it. Win-win, ayt?

So what do you think? Mail, Text or Call me if you have questions.

Merry Christmas friends. mwaah mwaaah

i know not all will be able to read this so i will mail this to everyone ok. =)


markz08 said...

count me in... :P

alvin said...

nice one, i'm in!

tito pete said...

okies!!! sama ko dyan...galing

(emma for president!)

em said...

hi there! thanks much po.
just tell me to whom will you give the bracelets ok?

mak, may tinabi na ko for you =P

em said...

uyyy pwede na ko magcomment! i wonder bakit ayaw dati, hmmmp. nways, have a great day =)

markz08 said...

temz, thanks hehehe... but when will we give the toys and where??? text text nalang??? hehhe TC poh...

em said...

everyone, i can meet u before december 9 or 16.
case you wonder, there are other pledges too coming from non-techie friends. so dnt worry this is still work in progress. and with all the pledges i have around 50 total na but i still need some more so please ask your friends,girlfriend/boyfriend, wife,husband,sisters and brothers to send at least one for me. thanks much.
mwaaah mwaaah

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