Monday, October 23, 2006

it's a hard knock life

OT again and I am soooo soooo tired. Its 6:45 already. i still dont know what time I will be able to go home. good nyt. mwaaah mwaaah. misshoo

ooopss do i have to say that? what i meant was, i miss kumain k n ba? musta ka na? musta tulog mo? corny stuff really.

geeez i really am a bad liar. =(

yehey! y am i still here? coz i don't have a ride. still have to wait for someone with a car to go home =(
ok lang 7:45 p lang naman. and bonus... walang pasok bukas, end of ramadan, yahoo! i'm going home to calumpit. oh, i just love holidays. esp when you've been drowned with work for so many days now. :D yipee yipee

lapit na pasko. regalo ko ha. i've been joting down my grown-up christmas list for days now. i still couldnt finish. actually, i couldnt even finish #1. I always want to jump and start my selfish wishes. But that should not be. Come to think of it, what should I put on my #1 list? Hmmm... Ikaw? What were your wishes for Christmas?

hay... di pa din ba uuwi? haaaay...

I miss these kids! Magulo, Makulet, Maingay. I love them. Last night me and ate were talking about marriage, I dont exactly know why. Sabi nya, "Nyemnyem kailan ka magaasawa?" half joking. Sabi ko, "hanap muna ko mapapangasawa!" Sabat naman simon "Eh di si YxxYxx, halo-halo and kangkong" Wahaha. wahaha. wahaha. di ko mapigil.

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