Friday, February 10, 2012

Pregnancy, Death, Wedding, Heart Attack,

A LOT had happened, that's why I havent posted these past few days.

I wish it was me but it wasnt. (not yet my time but I am claiming to have a dragon baby :D) Girl friend Udette who got married last December is now preggy! Congrats to U and A. May the favor of the Lord be upon you and your baby always.

Isnt it ironic? First point is pregnancy next is death? Well that's how it is. He giveth life He taketh away. Last November Kuya Glen's father passed away this Feb his Kuya succumbed to cancer after fighting for 4 years. Condolence to all the berieved family. May the good Lord bestow unto you peace.


I made red velvet cupcakes with pink frosting and heart toppers for Inet and Bim's wedding. Everybody were dressed to the nines as we were asked to dressed like it was a princess' party! Fancy hats and feathered fascinators abound at the Princess Kate inspired wedding :) Thrill to wear something like that because we all know that this event might not repeat again for decades. Unless another princess marry a prince. Hmmm kailan ba si Prince Harry?

Today's post was
thank you for the prayers, kuya khyl's operation (angioplasty) went well.
please continue praying for his fast recovery.

It was a difficult day for Ate Mai, my sister, her husband was confined since yesterday at the Chinese General Hospital. He underwent angiogram and angioplasty ( I've been texting friends andioplasty hehe mali pala spelling) and it went well. Thank you thank you Lord. It's Kuya Khyl's bday on the 19th so this is his pre-bday gift from heaven a new and unblocked front stem/artery!

update: today is feb 15 already - Kuya Khyl has been moved to a regular room since last night. After the operation the doctor says he'll stay daw at the cardiac care unit (CCU) for a minimum of 3 days that's the best case scenario, Kuya spent 4 days there and now he'll just have to rest a bit more days at the regular room before he gets discharged.

Very timely ang song ni Jose Mari Chan
"Please be careful with my heart", in this case your heart!

HEART's day
Yesterday was Valentines Day we didnt go anywhere. That's because we already did on the 13th. We had dinner at Fish and Co, Trinoma. While our little girl is with her lola her parents and having a date, hehe! No flowers this year, i asked him not to instead I received thissyemps HEART pa din!

LOVE is a verb. It takes action.

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