Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pedring - Sept 2011

It was Tuesday, when Typhoon Pedring struck Luzon with its 140KPH wind - it brought havoc to Manila including The Bay area, The Sofitel, US Embassy, Mall of Asia and merely all establishment near Manila Bay. I wonder what happened to the Ocean Park. The storm had super strong wind and the high tide last Tuesday afternoon made the water overflow the seawall and made Taft Avenue and Pedro Gil huge swimming pools.

Pedring also swept us here in our house. 3am I woke up and asked Alvin if that sound was a carabao! Yep, I typed it right I really thought it was a carabao as I heard "Ngaaaaa Ngaaaa" not "Mooo" for cow. Pinoy si Pedring eh :p He said it was the wind, I wasnt bothered even though I kept a mental note to look at our sliding windows later that day. Husband went to the office via commute, car is banned to go to Manila as it ends with number 2. While me and Thea are set to NOT go to school because the wind is quite heavy and it would be very difficult to drive. 8am husband called to tell me work was cancelled, I panicked because we got no food so when the wind tamed down a little I went to the market to get food. Going there was smooth, going back to the house was intense. I got a text that water was leaking from the sliding windows of the blue and pink rooms. A mess really and a lot of stress too because we need to vacuum the water out of our laminated flooring - oh yes the floor upstairs are laminated and they should be supposedly dry at all times.
Note to all who plan to build their house, dont put sliding window na. There are new french windows that are beautiful unlike the 80's window there are modern ones, this will prevent water from going in because they got no gap. Or if you really as in lily lily like to have a sliding window opt for te UPVC window that got super protection for strong winds and heavy rains, these upvc however is 300% more expensive than the usual ones.

Thursday came, rain is not quite heavy nor the wind were, when my little town flood-prone Calumpit Bulacan became popular in the news as it is flooded in an unusual way. Calumpit is the catch basin of the water coming from higher municipalities so when nearby town got flood the people of our little town prepares for our 2-day late floodwater. The water was not what they expect it, its waaaay beyond the normal flood that come and goes Calumpit. The usual "bukong-bukong" high (ankle deep) flood now reached chest deep (Filipino standard) high. What made the Calumpitenos worry was there are still 2 more typhoon coming our way, ouchy. People from the lowest areas started to evacuate, a day later people from not so low area are scrambling because water has reached their place. Friday afternoon water reached our house in Poblacion it's height is same with the Calumpit bridge, river overOVERflowed.
We got 11 evacuees in our house here in La Res 7 nephews and nieces and the other four are family members of Thea's yaya. Now I know why our house has to be built this year,should had it been postponed I dont know where we'll go. I can imagine myself stressed out during those days and nights when we have no water and electricity in Nanay E's house.

The kids and Ate Yos' family stayed here September 27 until October 7, I am a chef all day. Before going to bed I have to plan the next day's meal! I tried champorado, lugaw, sopas those I can cook in bulk because we are like at most 15 in the house. At first we all had hotdogs and eggs and sinigang for dinner after a few days stocks get low and we were eating tilapia, luncheon meat and longganisa. I baked on their first day but when I realized our LPG might not make it, I didnt try baking again until we could pass the road to get a reserve LPG.
Saturday October 1, me, ate lalah and alvin went to Calumpit to bring drinking water to Nanay and Tatay and to 7 more evacuees - relatives and friends. Here are the pics from our quest to the waterworld:

We walked from UPPC up to Calumpit Market where the water was up to my waist, rode a banca from the market (4ft high) to crossing (cost us 30pesos each) and walked again till we reached our house. It took us an hour to wade the water but we were happy to see everyone including those who evacuated were safe! thank you Lord. Going home Alvin saw a huge truck passed our house and we run for it as it will cross the market and will take people to Caltex station. At the station another truck is waiting to take people to bagbag bridge.

This is the first truck - Philippine Navy's, covered and we got seats!

The second truck going to Bagbag is a dump truck, that you have to climb from a ladder on the side to get on top and then jump where the rest of the people are. Can you see the lady on the left side, the boys were helping her to go down. Alvin was at the front I dont know how he got there. We were joking that they will dump us when we get to Bagbag, they did not hooray! Bad news is we had to go down the steep stairs and it is not EASY.
By the way, here's my in-laws house in San Marcos. Usually flood is like a ruler deep inside the house now there's barely a ruler left on the front door.

We here in Calumpit are very grateful for the overflowing help you guys gave! Thank you sooo sooo much for the prayers and the relief goods that you sent. May God bless you hundredfold.

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