Sunday, October 23, 2011

House Construction 101 - Part2 -Revisions

We commissioned someone to draw early January, 12th to be exact. The final draft came out February 18. That's not the blue print yet ha, only the last draft. By final draft I mean both us and the draftsman have agreed on the drawing finally. It took us more than a month to finalize the plan and it didnt help that the one we commissioned and us doesnt agree with everything.

Do not hesitate to ask for revisions even if it takes you 20 revisions or even a hundred if you dont like what he's showing you dont buy it, it is your house and if you wont be happy with the drawing you wouldnt be happy with the outcome too. Thing is, some charges for revisions so be sure to write every detail that you want to change in the first draft. If he gives the revised draft and he didnt changed everything you have listed it is his fault. Otherwise, you'll be spending money on drawings.

Tip: Make sure you hire a good one. Ours tried to draw the first drafts by hand, oh gulay, "she said she'd revised it naman so kamay na lang, and samin naman eh magbabayad naman kami bakit di mo pa gawin na autocadd." But wait there's more, I wont elaborate but after a month we are stressed out.

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