Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day t-shirts

Custom t-shirts are very much in demand these days. Customers would be those who want to see their name in their shirt, people who want to personalize their gift, advertisers, schools and so many others.
So I went to cafepress t-shirts site and I got interested. They got timely Father's day gifts (which is next Sunday mind you), graduation, even pets.
I like this humor shirt :D

The prices range from $16-$29 but the t-shirts look comfy. Dont know about deliveries though, I dont have time to read all the stuff. Plus I dont know if it will reach in time if you order from the Philippines nyahaha. I am pretty much reminding you lang that Father's day is this Sunday and we need to find something special for the father of our children and our dads as well.
Here's another shirt from cafe press :)
would be nice for my Tatay as he got 4 beautiful daughters

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