Wednesday, May 25, 2011


COnfession of the Momma Queen: I rock climb, I rapel, I even ziplined. I like swings but slide is a no no no. I cant remember going down the slide, be it at the park or at the pool. Slide is a different dimension I couldnt get myself to even try. Maybe because of Tatay's story about the manong who fell down the slide at the pool and lost his life, I was still in elementary and the idea etched in my young mind.

My princess is different. Just see the pics below. She just love the slide. Whenever we drive going to OGDC her face glows knowing that she'll play at the park again.

My not so little girl is enjoying the slide something she didnt get from me.

This slide is like 3x her height. Mommy was scared, but after a while I got tired of following her and I just let her enjoy it.

For some time she's been trying to go down the other slide but somehow she doesnt have the courage yet to take the covered slide. Then she saw other kids doing it so she tried. The first time she did it was super slow, next time she tried - it went fast then faster :) Here she is at the end of the slide, mommy and daddy are proud!

Live, Laugh, Love

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