Friday, May 06, 2011

Mom and Child Pic Contest

Here's my mother with her firstborn. yay kalahati lang si ate mai :D

Next pic is Ate Leng, nope not an entry again, since we couldnt find a pic of nanay and ate leng. Some old pics were lost during the fire :(
Kasing arte ni yazmien
Apple, eto daw ang entry ni Nanay! Please get the 50 pesos from her hihi! This is her and ate lalah!

Alas this is me! Don't I look like my daughter?
(To Apple again, please include this and the next photo, charge it to me on Sunday.)

Ofcourse, Me and the darling princess! Mother's day had a very different meaning since you were born (since you got in my tummy actually). To you I am willing to give everything. And even though I havent actually hear you say those 3 words, I know in my heart when you hug me that you love me much.

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