Tuesday, March 03, 2009


How should I begin? Let's go back last Feb 22. Sunday morning, we all seem relaxed, tension hasnt build up yet. We went to San Marcos to bond with the Regalado's. Around 4pm we went back to La Residencia to finally get ready, shower for me and vhin and sponge bath for our little Thea. We were both excited and anxious. We knew what we are doing is not easy. Moving in itself is difficult, but moving with an infant would make it more challenging.

So there we were fixing our luggage, tension begins to build up. Alvin couldnt even taste the food he's eating! I on the other hand wouldnt want to carry Thea because I might break. Around 6pm everything is ready, my and my husbands hearts were pounding. Will Thea cry? Do we have enough nappies? What about our luggage? We are only allowed to bring 50 but our bags weighed 58 already. Bahala na, we'll use Thea's to charm the ground team to let all our bags in.

As I hug Ate Lala goodbye, the tears I managed to contain minutes ago began to fall. I am finally moving from my comfort zone, my first family. Instantly, fear dawned on me. Then Alvin came in to fetch me and he saw me and ate crying. He bade goodbye to Ate and Ate told him to take care of me and her little Thea. She also reminded him that on the night of pamanhikan he told our family he wont take me away coz San Marcos is just a town away, yet now he is taking me to another country.

Hugs and kisses galore I made to my parents and the kulets, Simon, Kiel and Gail who seems teary eyed too. Then off we went to the airport. Huge thanks to Bunz, who helped us get a pass for nanay A. Nanay was able to help us inside NAIA till we head at the immigration.

Lap 1.
So our journey started at the immig. I am in charge with Thea while Alvin took care of the papers. We managed to get in, waited at the gate then boarded RBA flight BI 688 bound to Bandar Seri Begawan. Smooth!!! Well not until we sat on our seats and Thea started to cry, no, she wailed. We showed her her toys, gave her bottle, sang lullabye but she continued to cry. And we knew it was time. Its Show Time fo mommy =(

There I was at the window seat breastfeeding, my husband seating next to us managed to cover us from the eyes of entering passengers. Still my milk couldnt stop her from crying. My usually calm husband now a bit stressed, his heart breaking because of Thea, couldnt even put on our seat belt. when the plane started moving, I and alvin began praying. We are wholeheartedly thankful when Thea finally slept before the plane took off! Her co-infant passengers were all crying out loud while my little angel sleeps soundly. She was sleeping till we entered the Kampung Baru! Thank you thank you Lord for a safe journey.

Btw, we landed 12:10am of Feb 23, traveled through car to our house for more than an hour and marked 3am of February 23 the official entry to a whole new and challenging world for the three of us. That's the end of Lap 1.

More laps to go as we journey through life. Pray that we may be able to hurdle life's challenges.

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