Friday, March 27, 2009

1st Month Brunei Adventures

hello everyone! i have been wanting to upload this but time doesnt cooperate much. being a 24/7 mom and wife makes it hard to be a certified blogger.

last month picture, parang kahapon lang un!

nway, it has been a month! A MONTH!!! can you believe it? we've hurdled being away from our comfort zone for 31 days. it hasnt been easy but alvin, our super daddy,has been very very busy making us, me and thea, feel comfortable. hands down to my loving husband!!! he will do everything and his compensation is captured in the picture below:

last, it took me almost a day to finish the next picture. each time i crop a pic from thea's photo album i always stop and remember how each picture was taken. what a bliss! our little angel has grown so fast. to all my preggy friends, savor each moment =P each kick, each smile, each laugh even each poop will make preggyhood worthwhile!

extra extra:

I feel like wonder woman each time:

i cook and attend to thea at the same time; pushing and pulling her stroller

i sing kiddie songs in the bathroom to entertain her while she's waiting for me to finish taking a bath

i run from the kitchen (1st floor) to our room (2nd floor) when i hear her cry through the baby monitor

i breastfeed and chat at the same time, one hand holding thea the other types

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