Tuesday, August 19, 2008

shopping galore!

CUTIES! The most appropriate word that fits when I think and daydream about the stuff we bought yesterday at SM Pampanga. Me, ate La and Kiel had fun shopping little things for my baby girl. I was so overwhelmed by the things in our cart that I didnt realized my watch is not working properly and its almost 2pm already and we havent had lunch yet. All the while I thought it was 12pm, my watch is 2 hours late my golly geez. No wonder Kiel was upset na. Buti na lang i brought the PSP, but PSP wont keep tantrums from coming when your stomach is empty.

As much as I want to share the pics of Althea's first wardrobe, bottles and other small things, I cant at the moment because I havent had the chance to take photos. Super busy mommy is still working and had to go to Manila pa. But I guarantee you all that they are super super cute! We still need loads of stuff for baby Althea,we just made sure that the essential things for the first days of our baby is ready. That way, if ever she pops out earlier than expected we're not off guard.

Please pray for Althea's health. Thanks thanks.(From her super excited Mom.)

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Anonymous said...

Althea!!! Nice name. Know what? Althea has been my penname since Ateneo days! - VPR

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