Sunday, May 11, 2008

just so you know

A close friend who has been telling other common friends that the reason me and alvin are together is because of "tuksuhan".
How pathetic. Just so you can be the "bida" of the story you have to make that statement? Now your cousin told me you told them our love story, I bet your a superhero in that version eh?
Sure we are friends alright but that doesnt mean you can tell anyone our story much so a twisted version.
Did you happen to know that we were dating without you knowing it? Did it ever occur to you that we are both in Manila and we can meet without anyone bullying us to be an item?

From the very start I made it clear to Alvin that no one from our barkada would know that he is courting me. You know why? Because I dont want to be pressured, I want to have a relationship with a guy I know I love and not because other thinks he's the right one for me.

Alvin didnt want the guys know about us going out either so that if things do not go out as he wished it wouldnt be too hard for him.
There wasnt even "US" when he left for Brunei. Him leaving made me realize he is important to me and only when he came back did we agree to have a relationship. Did you get that, we agreed because we feel special for each other and not because the Tropa (and most especially you) teased us.
Enough said.
So there.

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