Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I had a fun time meeting with la salle friends last night, Leah, Aera & Sha. I gave the invitations and am happy to see them again after our last class (around april).

Aera our Korean classmate made kwento of her own wedding last year January 18. She said she hasnt attend any Filipino wedding yet. She said, in a korean wedding, guests are not allowed to wear white. The only one who could wear a white dress is the bride.

koreanism #2, guests give their share for the wedding expenses upon arrival, in return the usher will give them their food stubs!!! Friends of their parents do contribute for the wedding of their children. It is an unwritten agreement a tradition of sorts between families to help the newlyweds start their new life together. Sometimes the contribution is so substantial that the couple could actually use it for their first two years!!! Imagine that, Filipino friends =)Gawin natin to sa mga anak natin! Instead of bugging them with our own list of guest, we should help them out paying the bill and even setting up fund for their future!

koreanism #3, the bride doesnt need to change name after the wedding. they will continually use their father's name! ayos no? In aera's case it's pretty much like she used her husband's coz they both have the same last name "Lee".

koreanism #4, nowadays, the marrying age for women in korea is 26-28. well, using their own age reckoning. While I am 28 in my westernized age, my korean age would be 30! Duh, I am definitely old.
The 100th day anniversary (named baek-il (백일), literally, a hundred days) and the first anniversary of birth (named dol (돌)), call for large celebrations, and Koreans celebrate their birthdays, even though every Korean gains one year on New Year's Day. Because the first year comes at birth and the second on New Year's Day, a child born, for example, on December 29 will reach two years of age on January 1st, when they are only three days old in western reckoning.

In other words, upon birth you will turn 1 year old. Meaning August 31,1979 I am already 1 year old. COme new year,everybody will add anothe year to their age. Meaning Jan 1, 1980, I am 2 years old na! So now 30 years old na ko Korean way.

haaaay, madami pang kwento pero di ko na matandaan lahat, so for other koreanisms click here

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