Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Men

This entry is about the men I encountered (will encounter) this week:

Men number 1. “Men” here doesn’t mean the opposite of women, what I meant was my monthly menstruation which drives me crazy and makes my tummy unbelievably painful. Unbelievable, believe it! Haha, parang Dean Cain no? Believe it or not!

Two things to add on my “know about me” during this period:
My nose is humunoultramicroscopicstinkykilikiliconiosis. As in, sobra naaamoy ko kahit malayo. Hindi sa kin yun kasi immune na ko sa amoy ko hahaha. Even sweat annoys me. Grabe, ayaw ko ng malagkit eeeew.
Volatility is the term. Thought only stocks and foreign exchanges are volatile. Meet me during this period and you’ll know the meaning of volatility in motion. I cried while watching Hwang Jini. Mushy, wawawa.

Men number 2.
Now “Men” refers to a men’s book called “How to heal a broken heart” by Nelson Dy. Ive finished reading it and came out a pretty good book for men and women alike. But, syemps, when it is intended for men it will be more appreciated by men.

Lessons learned from the book:
Accept the pain and heartbreak. And make it move you closer to God.
Let go. Let God turn the page.

Men number 3. In the blue corner is Jonas Marcelo (Atenean). In the green corner is Alvin Guce (Lasallian yata). These guys are my classmates and they were debating “in writing” via our financial economics yahoo groups about when to take our exam. Huwaaat? The other said “You were defending your argument with gusto” the other replied “I was not, better read the transcript” (not the exact words though, emphasis mine) How petty huh? But we did feel the tension in class last night when we were asked to decide upon the date. The neutral people, us, are like what will these two say? Apparently they did not say a thing. It’s a boy thing =P Mak, if they google their names can they find a link to this blog? Hope not. Ooooh, btw Pacquiao won over Barrera hehe. Not related but somehow I felt that was boxing in writing!

Man number 4.
Tatay. Not that he ranks number 4 syempre lagi priority ang tatay ko no. However the intensity here is different. Last Sunday, while watching boxing he began telling his “you’re too noisy I cant appreciate what im watching” monologue. So ate la told him to just go upstairs and watch from there. He gave up and went upstairs. Minutes later he went down again telling my mom, watching from the bedroom was boring. He might as well watch it downstairs where the kiddos were. Huwaaat??? These are the things I don’t get yet love about this man.

Man number 5.
(Again ranking here doesn’t equate to preference, ayt?) Someone’s coming over here from a 3-week hiatus to another country. He’ll probably be here for 4 days only but its pretty great to have him around than wait for Christmas and ask Santa to hand him to me, hehe. Anyway, this makes me extra happy! Ayiy!

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