Monday, October 08, 2007

Joyride to Marilao

Last night, the FX I rode broke down in the middle of NLEX. Huwat? As in patrol men are behind us to see if we were ok. Then they told the driver he better take the Marilao exit to avoid accidents. Turned out that the breaks are not working properly. Huwaat again? Hehe. Pero I was not really hype about the matter. Ewan, hindi lang siguro talaga ko selosa este nerbyosa pala.

The first time it broke down was right in the middle of the highway. (Actually, I did smell something burning but I chose not to say it, turned out it was a bad choice.) NLEX patrol asked manong if everything is alright. Well Manong said yes, in fear of being towed hehe. Manong is stressed, what can you expect? He became more when patrolmen now in cars started following us. After which the driver started driving slow, then slower then slooooower then uggggh we were at the corner already it stopped. We can smell smoke from under. Nyahaha.

Manong, full of pawis hehe, went under the car with his tools which cured it a bit and then he drove it in safe mode to Marilao. Promising us passengers that he will take us to another FX. The drive to Mac Arthur was super long, I thought it will take forever till we reached the nearest terminal (we were like running 1km/hour). But when it rains it pours, duh. There was no FX left to service us. Passengers, excluding me and my seatmate in the front seat, are now blaming Manong. Poor poor Manong. “Pano na kami makakarating nyan?” “Gabi na?” “Mahinang dumiskarte” etc etc.

Moi texted Ate La and Vhin to ask for prayers that we may be safe. But I didn’t know they cared for me that big until last night. I received 8 phone calls yata last night from them checking if I was all right! Ayiy! Sweet no?

Eto naman ang text ng ate ko nung sinabi ko na nasa Marilao na at walang ibang FX:
Hi nyem2! Take jeepney n lang daw from ther to kalookan. Baka abutin ka ng pagsikat ng araw jan, wla pa naman ikaw escort na gaya ni vinstalk.. Or kaya naman umpisahan mo ng tumakbo! Takbo bilis! Mauunahan mo pa yang pagong nyo!

Btw, we ended up in a van stationed at SM Marilao which took us to MRT. I got home/bh 10pm, which is still ok.

Well, thank you Lord for bringing us to safety and thank you to friends and family who make me feel special, say very special!!!

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