Thursday, September 13, 2007


ok so i don't have the time to write much. er, i did had the time to write but i was writing my term paper. i should have said i don't have the time to blog much. (oh my, i'm beginning to sound so nerd)

so here are the rushes:
(rushes are those i intended to write in details but failed due to time constraint.)


Ayiy! I just want to thank all those who've helped me in my most stressful finals week. It was during my birthday btw that all of these requirements went due. So there i was rushing to finish my case study and term paper to meet the deadline and meet my professors' expectations, just so i could have the required 2.5 average for my scholarship.

And thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for granting me this gift. I had longed for a new rainbow but he gave me something new. God humors! God giveth and He giveth more than you could even expect.

Remember when I said I will postpone my birthday to Sept 7, He also postponed His birthday gifts. My scholarship and my trip to dumaguete, which is the next subject of my rushes.

DuMagUeTe =)

I had a fun fun fun time last Sept 6-7. I went to dumaguete for an official business kuno sa site. I love the place. Ganda. Nature! Mountain! Beach! Fruits as in fruitssssssss! and the lovely and friendly people of Dumaguete. Thank you. Thanks din sa company and my bosses who allowed me to go on that trip.

I won't be able to leave the office for a while since I will be busy with the forecast for 08. Besides classes just started.

my new prof!

He's funny. As in very funny! And He knows how to teach, how to make the students understand the lesson. Yun lang. Ask me again after 3 months - when the term ends.

Churc's Anniv

Last Sunday of September! I hope we could celebrate the goodness of God in the church and to our live to the fullest! Happy Anniv!

Erap guilty

Erap was guilty on plunder. I am not inclined to politics but I got to include this. So ther he was proven guilty. He will surely ask for reconsideration, lets see...

yun na muna! hi Inets. So sorry. i don't intend to send it to you ng paulit ulit ulit. Kaso naka default pala ung email address mo everytime nagpublish. Tatangalin ko na. Hahaha. See you Sunday!!!

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