Tuesday, September 04, 2007

life's LIMBO

i had this aching tummy. as in aching madly. the nurse said its hyperacidity and gave me buscopan and kremil-s
this is what i ate in order of intake
kopiroti (for breakfast around 9am)
pork binagoongan
rice (for lunch at around 11:30am)

i went to the restroom to do number two at around 12:30
then my tummy started aching at 2pm (my time)

btw the course cards for the last trimester is out. i don't know the result yet. i'm scared actually.
waaaah :( will i be able to get this pa?

i declared that my birthday be moved temporarily this year to september 7. haha, due to lack of time to celebrate it with family on the day itself. i haven't even brought the kids to jollibee coz i still have to do my term paper when i wnet home last saturday to sunday.

but i still thank God for the new page of my life's journey. thank you thank you LORD. i hope those who will come behind me find me faithful. not perfect, just faithful. =)

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