Friday, December 15, 2006

i heart beads, etc

as the title said:
i heart heart beads! last week, i manned a tiangge for two days and it was great! they loved my beads and I couldnt be more proud!
The customers appreciated the necklaces and even told her friends to buy from me because they were all beautiful. I couldnt thank her less and I would even want to give it to her for free. I was so happy. It's value added when somebody else (third party) commends your work. wow!

- my crush aint my crush anymore. he was so young and immature pa. i think he's only 22. ok lang i wouldnt see him na naman after the IPO listing. meaning not anymore. well, not unless he asks me for a date. maybe then my view bout him will change.

- my toy project is still work in progress. please help me scout for a place to lodge the toys. the primary site for now are the mission point in malis and paligui.

- in two years or three years time you shall have to call me Master Em! Why not? by then i should have finished my Master of Science in Financial Engineering from La Salle none the less! ooops i guess it's either Master Em or Engineer Em!

- I will be on leave on the 27-29th. Yipee Yipee! cant wait for a vacation. san kaya ako pwede punta na walang gastos?

- I shall have to start packing my gifts. Haaay, can somebody help me?

- I invested some of my money on my COmpany. PNOC EDC! and the debut listing set a record high 4.55 which is 45% higher than its cost 3.20. hoping it will still soar high!

- Actually, i am still in the office. had to finish something. but lacks zest since it's tooo magulo and math formula has captured my brain since 2pm. I need rest.

- I need to go to the derma. I have this big zit on the forehead which is about to erupt hopefully not on Christmas.

merry Christmas everybody. I hope all of you is happy. mwaaah mwaaah

with Chairman Antonio Cailao @IPO listing

the mean girls nyahaha cute ng background!


marklagman said...

la lang, sensya na la ako magawa.. ingatz merry christmas

marklagman said...

tems, ayusin ko nalang sa susunod ah... may mali sa pangalan eh...

Anonymous said...

salamat! mwaaah mwaaah see you christmas!

Anonymous said...

salamat! mwaaah mwaaah see you christmas!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, temz, alam mo, naiinis nako dito sa trabaho ko. la naman akong ginagawang masama delayed pa sweldo ko. waaahhh, kainis hehehe...

marklagman said...

heto ulit hahaha... pag may gustu ka ipa palit (colors, design etc) sabihin mo lang

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