Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Puerto Princesa palAwan

Piso sale is heart. Last November 2014 I was able to book this trip for less than 3k, return trip for two! Initially the sched would have been 4am but it was rescheduled to 8am they emailed me around May this year. CebuPac said we can cancel the booking and they will just credit my deposit but duh why cancel  sayang nemen and I booked the hotel already and we are all set and I am excited already. It has been a while since I last travelled so 4 hours is not a big issue besides mahirap lumuwas ng 2am!!!

PP is heart! Let the pictures do the talking. It's kinda late and we don't have yaya (again). We are okay. The kids are fine without one and I uhmmm I just need to schedule chores. While I love being hands-on mom, I really don't like washing dishes but I don't like seeing them by the sink the whole day. Oh well, let's go back to Puerto Princesa :)

We checked in at Microtel Wyndham at 10am and they allowed us a room right away! Cheers to early check-in and accomodating hotel staff. 11am we are bound to the wharf for some Island hoping.

Honda Bay. I bought that red suit night before our trip. Buti naka sale 80% off. Haha off season sale are the best! Luli beach is the best - lulubog lilitaw, serious that's where the name came from. Starfish island next, well madami daw starfish haha. Last stop where we had lunch (at last!!!) was Pandan beach. Boat ride was 1300 for 4 hours, tipid pa kasi may isang sumabay sa amin. Group tour would be cheaper but I like how ours went. Relax lang!

Microtel's beach, it was a low low tide. We went swimming at the pool instead.

City tour was fun too. Butterfly and tribal village was nice, yes there were butterflies but that's just meh, the fun part was the tribal village tour - the Palaw-ans showcased their native craft, skills, music and weapon - blowgun for the win!!!

Save for the tummy ache after eating at Max's hahaha, okay don't shoot me ha we ate at Pandan naman ng seafood okay na yun, NOT, di nagustuhan ng tyan ko yung tofu ng Max hahaha.

To my date, thanks you for taking me out :) Next year ulit? Will bring nicer camera next time ha? Didnt realize the sony pics will get pixelized na, outdated na pala sya hahaha. good thing my iphone camera is really nice wahaha!!! Okay naman yang samsung camera sana eh kaso di naman nagagamit so waley :p But really I had a fun fun alone time with you. <3 p="">

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