Tuesday, September 01, 2015


IWill just post pictures because I need to sleep. Tomorrow's a travel day and we need to wake up early. So here's our pictures 

We ate first hehe the kids are still playing outside

Their turn. Simon  is missing hehe he went with the praise team to watch a concert. They rented the van!!! More rentals please :)

At the rightmost us Ninang tito khyl's tita who lives with them.

Charade after! Techie version.
Wahaha not looking pa nakuha kong pic ni Leb! Can u see the balloons sa likod ni paolo? They gave it to me. This is 31st na pala ha. Morning before me and Alvin went out for a date at ---

Where we
Sang our hearts out!!! 
Lunch was fridays whwre i got free ice cream then we went to redbox then coffee before headingg home. They gave me cake nemen charap!!!

Thank you Lord for gifting me with a loving family and a superb husband. Please guide us tomorrow as we make new memories together.

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