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Baguio march 2012

Last year March 22, 2011 we bought a 50% gift certificate for a night in Hotel Elizabeth at the NLEX travel fair. We had a year before it expires, eh Pinoy nga kami kaya, we procastinated plus the GC can't be used during long weekends and holidays (mental note tignan mabuti ang voucher bago bumili). In short we were only able to use it last March 2, after the boss changed the four tires, changed oil and kung ano ano pa and felt safe to travel to the long winding zigzag scary roads of BAGUIO!

Thea LOVES Baguio. Last year we went to Tagaytay- blogged here and here, she enjoyed it because it was unusually colder than the Bulacan lowlands hehe. This year Baguio made her equally happy, she loves the weather and had fun fun time being with her Dad the whole day! We just loooove MARCH and all the B's that go with it!!!
note upper left pic : Thea is sitting across somebody we dont know, that's not moi, I don't wear black slip ons hehe :D

See how giddy she is? Notice her blue shoes? We left her shoes in the hotel and we don't want to go back so we went to SM to buy a pair- nice first stop noh SM hihi! We took her to kids dept but my girl knows what she wants and went her way to Vans shoes, good thing Vans has kid counterpart, we presented her with another color something that would match sana her pink outfit but kids will be kids she likes the blue one so we bought it.
Photo above taken at the Children's Park where we spent more than an hour playing and riding this stationary elephant.
After that we had to force the girl to get out of the Children's park otherwise we'll just spend the whole 1st day there. Next is the lagoon (do they call them that? tired na to google ), but we were scared Thea who sooooo very love the water would jump out of the duck/boat. Look at the upper left pic, ayun hinihila na si dad nya. So plan distraction took place: stroll, ride a bike (middle pic) and buy Doraemon balloon. I dont know where she saw it but she wanted to ride the balloon, tucking the strings in between her legs and jumping, me and her dad were laughing sooo hard. She really wanted to fly.

Day 1 ended with a very tired dad after driving from Bulacan to Baguio, driving a pedicab with thea and me in it and having to carry thea when she refuse to leave a place.

Day 2
It started with a trip to Benguet where the strawberry farm is located. I sooo wanted to go there cause it would be my first time. I was excited but Thea wasnt, she doesnt even want to go down the farm.
Strawberry picking is 300 per kilo, if you buy the strawberry outside hubby said it was only 150. That means 150 ang picture taking!!!

Next stop is Mine's View. We've been renting taxis, hubby doesnt want to fuss about the directions so we took it for 250/hour. That's a good thing considering she has to carry Thea going down the park, see pic below. She sooo love Uniqua - the blotted pink backyard friend Thea holds at the pic below. Paging Boss Ruby Tiambeng, please dont forget to buy the Backyardigan friends nangungupas na yung toy ni Thea teehee.
At first sight of the pony she wanted to ride it!
And she did! She even wore the hat Manong lent her. 10/picture and he asked us 60pesos for the entire photo op which I haggled to 50 hehe, good thing our camera shoots 2x per shot!
Here, Thea wanted to go back to the pony eh may ibang tourist na so daddy had to carry her again. Right picture is The Mansion where we bought a sticker at 350 pesoses. (You can ask Ate Vi about that, hi ate vi!)

We just bought pasalubong and went back to the hotel. Had lunch and off to lowland again. Thank you GPS for the instructions it would have been really hard if I had to look at a map the size of a broad newspaper - I am really bad at it. At least GPS has arrows :D

2011 tagaytay
2012 Baguio
2013 should be somewhere cold too di ba? ehem ehem!

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