Thursday, March 08, 2012

2 Pink Lines!

We are done with the TTC phase.

Tuesday, I was planning to go to my second of 5 IPL underam hair removal sessions so I took a test and I saw 2 lines. IPL will resume next year or 2014 - bayad na yun haha!
Wednesday I didnt do a test and went to the OB clinic. Doctor says its still so tiny to be seen in the ultrasound. "very anticlimatic ka naman Doc eh excited kami ni hubby eh nag-leave pa naman sya!" She said to go back after 2 weeks or a month :( She doesnt even confirmed if I really am preggers. Di ba may blood test something din na pwedeng gawin. I mean "EFFORT" lang and kaunting enthusiasm sana hehe.
Today, I checked again and this is the result

And I started claiming na we're gonna have baby number 2! I texted my parents, siblings and friends to spread the great news.

Thank you Papa God for this wonderful gift!

extra; I was cooking egg this morning and this is what I saw! kambal na pula, ayayay parang di ko yata carry pero kung ibibigay why not!!!

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