Friday, January 06, 2012

My Dessert Buffet at Udette's Wedding

Presenting Nyem's dessert buffet :D
Next pic is with my handsome driver and beautiful apprentice, couldnt make it without them. Thank you very much.

Pag paying na ang customer may fee na din kayo, since pro bono pa lang, thank you muna :)

During the party and before the dessert buffet was opened to guest. Chocolate fountain is now on! look <3

Got to take a pic with the bride.

Photo op with Inet and Bim, the next bride and groom. Both were paying much attention to every detail as their wedding will be on the 3rd of Feb. Lapit na!

Friends and Food = Fun

Bakit ang sama ng tingin sa kin ni Ellen?
Also, dessert buffet is on the upper left of the pic, there was no more cupcake for the guests who went to the table late. Inet noted that one :p , she made it clear that guests shouldnt go hungry on her wedding

Did they like the desserts? Most likely, look at the table after the party! UBOS :D (photo from Inets)
photo from Ninin
Fantabulous Night! Sa Feb ulit :D

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