Thursday, January 05, 2012


One of the overdue posts is the sidetrip to Macau. We took a ferry from HK and sailed for an hour to the city of lights, Las Vegas of Asia. The trip was pretty much exhausting it was a Sunday and the local Macauians (do they call them that?) are going home I pressume from their HK trip thus the immigration overload. We were at the line, wala nga talaga line eh, for an hour and a half. Disappointing really. Made me looove NAIA which my fellow Filipino bloggers mock ;p

My X pose at the church's facade, remains of the war.

His turn!

Nothing much to do if you're not going to gamble. There's this bungee jumping but we didnt go there na.
So there, for me:
Mas maganda pa ang Fort Santiago :p

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