Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome 2009

Cheers to 09 =)
This year would definitely be a year to remember because nyemnyem’s life will surely change, as if it hasn’t yet. Come join me as I try to enumerate what I expect from myself this year as I “Embrace Change and Enjoy Life”, this year of 2009.
On Love: We’ve got to be more patient and more considerate to each other as we create our new family together. Celebrate our first year to the max.
On Family: Learn to cook at least 3 dishes this year, something that I can make the whole world taste. (Easy yan for some pero effort yan para sa kin) Greet family on their birthdays and party with them on Christmas.
On Thea: To help her discover her own personality, t o cuddle her, to sing for her, to shower her with love, to play with her, to celebrate each birthday – as in day, to keep an eye to each development she makes and the list goes on.
On Finances: Budget family’s finances, to save, save, save. To find a way to make money out of those savings.
On Self: To read a lot. To keep myself cool through a challenging year ahead of me. Hope I’ll be able to find more time to blog, I”ll make a post out of it if I have time hehhehe. For now google what colic means =)
On Church: To find a Christian community in Brunei
It is not the strongest specie that surivived,it is the one that has to ability to adopt to change. Alam nyo ba ung story ng dinosaurs and cockroaches? Dinos became extinct because they werent able to adopt to change in climate. But the cockroaches did despite their size. May we all learn to adopt to changes like cockroaches. May we all weather any storm that may pass this year.

This year's theme: Embrace Changes. Enjoy Life. Have a happy 2009 everyone!!!

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