Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's my finals week in my last term at DLSU. I've finished the diploma courses and I wont be continuing the masters degree (me thinks). The subjects I took amazes me. There was this Developmental theory in Financial Engineering, Calculus for finance, Econometrice, Controllership, Risk management in banking industry, treasury operations, and derivatives and options pricing. We finished the TreasOpt finals last tuesday, the derivatives final exam this friday makes me nervous. I still dont know how to derive the Black Scholes model. On the other hand it is good to know that it is almost over. Whatever happens on Friday, school will still be over! yadada! Haaaay Finals, finally!

I have other things to be busy about after this week. May is fast approaching and loads of preps still on its way to finality. Anyway, major ones have been booked. Hopefully by next week things will be clearer, details will torture me once May comes. Any suggestions? Smooth or rough the preparations may be, we will still tie the knot. Finally =)

Rushes about preparations:
Invitation will be out on April 23, QP promised they will be out by then. I love our invites, cute and medyo classy pero not that expensive. Cant wait to have them!

Wedding dress will arrive on April 27. Hopefully she'd be able to make the dress as lovely as the one printed in the magazine. Sana sana.

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