Friday, November 02, 2007

wow the 50 peso videoke challenge

Yesterday I lost my voice over a 50-peso videoke challenge with my siblings, my brother in-law, my pamangkin 'mik' and tatay.

The goal of the game is to get the hightest score in Mikelle's wow magic sing microphone. It was tough because the outcome will be determined by the microphone's scoring criteria which is relatively unpredictable.

Yesterday we started singing at 11am and the last person left singing (around 4pm) was ate leng who came back to avenge her throne. hehehe.

At first i tried singing the experiment songs but when tension started rising i have to position myself and sang Crazy for You, the song I knew I could master with ease (lalakasan mo lang boses mo mataas na score!), with that I got 94!

Kuya Khyl then took the list and scan for a song he knew would give him a higher score, I forgot what he sang but we both tied up at 94.

Us siblings are all competitive with regard to our singing careers, hehehe. Well, except for ate mai (if you're family you'd know)! :)

Ate La cant join much coz her four kids need lots of attention, especially the eldest (his husband!). But when she came down and sang "IF" she got 96 which makes her top 1.

This time ate leng had to come down even though her super kulit son, Jed, was following her. She said she had to win and started singing. But only when she sang "my heart will go on" was she able to get 97. after which everybody stopped singing. She won.

PostScript: The day that followed I lost my voice. =)

here's tatay singing Hey Jude! But the most memorable song he sang was "Peggy Sue", with matching stomping of feet!

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