Thursday, November 22, 2007

What are you thankful for?

Today would be Thanksgiving day in the US!

And while the Americans celebrate it on a Thursday, our church celebrates the annual Thanksgiving Service every last Sunday of November. We’ve only been celebrating the annual affair for 4 years but it’s quite fun. Everybody’s anticipating the event. Actually I am more excited with it than the church’s anniversary. I mean, its more like a community celebration, where everybody participates and everyone brings food (potluck galore) contrast to the Church Anniv which is more commercialized; Thanksgiving is very casual whereas Anniv is a formal event, just imagine the choir in their choir gown! Wala lang, I think Thanks giving is fun fun fun without staking the true meaning of the celebration. (Don’t get me wrong I do love celebrating Anniversaries but Thanksgiving services give more soul.)

Anyways, as the topic says, “What are you thankful for?” What transpired during the year that makes you more happy, more intelligent, more fruitful, more creative, more closer to God! (Post a comment if you can!)

On the other hand, “What am I really thankful for?” let me count the ways…
I thank God for my family! Kay Tatay, Nanay, Siblings Mai, Leng, La and their hubbies, Pamangkins – Gail, Simon, Mik, Kiel, Kean, Jed, April. They all make me super happy, they are my core, the ones that keep me going.
I am thankful for my work that brings food on my table and money for the rent!!!

Thank you Lord for the school that pays for my studies. Studying kept me sane through my worst times. It kept me busy and made me meet new lovely friends, I’d surely treasure for life. I thank God for Aera, Sha, Leah, Jan and the rest of my classmates. My horizon expanded and with that I thank thee Lord!
I am absolutely grateful to God for handing me with friends that are there when I needed them. I thank you Lord for Inets, Udet & Rhea. For Vhin who had understood and given me the time I needed for myself. They are the living reminder that God cares for me much more that I can imagine. With them I fully comprehend that God has plans for me and that His timing is perfect!

For the good health, wonderful places I’ve been, amazing people I’ve met, scary matters that I have hurdled and for those times that I am tired and You carried me Lord, thank you!!!

May each of us take some time to appreciate the things God has bestowed upon us.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Collosians 1:11-14

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