Friday, May 11, 2007

ten questions for the candidates

1. Why do you deserve to win the election?
2. What skills do you possess that will make you a good leader?
3. Is there some way you can improve the government?
4. What are the first 3 bills you will pass once you win?
5. Is education important? Why have you finished yours?
6. Will you hire relatives once appointed? And will you retire those loyal to your opponent?
7. What does your wife/husband and children say about you?
8. Do you believe in God?
9. If you are still 16 years old and about to enter college, will you take up nursing?
10. How proud are you of our country? Did you ever plan to migrate?


markz08 said...

chiz aken!!! wahahahaha =)

em said...

hey mark,
chiz din akesh! hehe!
cute nga ng mga names ng binoto ko: kiko, koko, noynoy, chiz to name a few lang =P

and btw, hows my search engine? bakit ayaw pa din?

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