Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Pasalubong from Melbourne Australia

It has been a while I know!

Blogger notified me and asked if I am still interested ( to receive notifications on comments that is) and well, yes I am still very much!

So why ‘Pasalubong from Melbourne”? Just because the hubby is in Australia and I was doing a little research here and there to find out which ones I will ask him to buy for us here in Pinas.

So TimTams and Lindt tops the ‘pabili’ chocolate category! Cadbury not so much but I heard there were other flavors of Cadbury in Aus that were to die for! I asked him to take photos at the grocery and there were dark milk with sea salt Cadbury! Only problem was they all come in big sizes! Wala ba yung mini katulad ng andito sa supermarket pang tingi tingi?

Lucas Papaw is a popular pasalubong too. Well for Nawies at least! Alvin didnt see the Lucas Papaw brand but saw the ‘Real Papaw’ which is I think and hope will work just the same. He was able to buy them at $20 for 6! Papaw ointment are ok for dry lips, cuts and bruises. Havent tried but I might (might ha) update and tell you if it does work end of this month. Manuka honey is also mentioned by one of my friends but best daw to buy from NZ.

You cannot bring home Kangaroo or Koala! But you can bring home Kangaroo jerky from Woolworth!   You can alao buy those  cute koala stuffed toys they sell maybe in the airport shops (my husband would definitely not buy them). Oh by the way beacuse if those little stuffed koala things I always thought that koalas are small creatures parang tarsiers ganun but lo they are not that little pala.

So malls there closes at 8pm!. Hopefully by Saturday he would be able to go to the mall! Good thing the grocery closes a little late at least he can still buy food!

I was trying to upload photos keeps failing :(
We have two wall clocka here in the bedroom one PH and one Aus!

That would be it for now.

- gorgeous moi

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