Tuesday, May 19, 2015

La union Baguio getaway in a Day!

It's may 17 a day before our anniv and we are headed to La Union for some grape picking and surfing experience.

Left house at 5:30, the sun is up early today, we enjoyed the view going north - love love layback life!

Passed by brgy asan and brgy nagtagaan. Funny names eh?!

Stop over at jolibee agoo just 15km++ away from the grape farm.
If u pass aringay town malapit ka na. You need to find barangay urayong just before the Welcome to Bauang arc. the road going to gapuz farm is on the left side and there was no sign when we went there. Pic below, you see the man in the orange shirt on his left is the road to the farm, it's a narrow road ha.

Gapuz Grape farm 250/kl if you pick it yourself but cheaper if you just buy them. Oh well, why would you go up north and not experience the thrill of picking your own bunch of grapes right?

We went home with half a kilo of grapes!!! Aint that awesome? Pwede naman pala kalahating kilo lang and for 125 we were able to pick grapes!!!

Grape picking check 🍇
Next on the list is lunch at Thunderbird Resort. Took us almost 30 minutes to get there just to find out that the place is fully booked and was closed for checked in clients only - we can't even go near the santorini like structures --- hmmm maybe there's an event that day. Good thing the lighthouse is outside the resort so we headed straight there for some photo op, actually ako lang nag photo op!!!
Thunderbird got crossed out of the list and next thing to do is surfing! Off to san juan we head but we also need to eat lunch muna.

We went to san juan surf school resort and a scorching sun welcomed us. The heat was unbearable and while we want to experience surfing our tummy won and we opted to have lunch at the resort's resto.

Hubby then ask if I am game to take  Naguillan road to ...Baguio!!! Who wouldn't like to go to Baguio. I said yes ofcourse :)
What did we do in Baguio? Drink hot choco, walked around and relax. 
Around 4pm we are bound home! That's over 200km drive again to our place. Good thing both our love language is quality time and we both love long drives but I wouldnt have thought the long drive would lead us to La Union and Baguio and back in one day.

"I had a really great time. We talked about the things we would have changed  in our wedding - food, avr, ring, gown - all those are just things to change and we can very well improve next time we renew our vows :) but one thing is certain, there's no changing the man I would want to marry."

Year year year year year year year!!!

Love those happy years with you.

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