Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TerrificTorpedo Tarat Caleb @ Two

Is this the terrible two stage? I was not ready for this. Thea was quiet I wanted her to talk but she opted to close her mouth but this little guy is like a parrot who repeats everthing he hears be it good or bad so we better watch our language when he's around (well everytime naman dapat).

So this post is all about his kakulitan this past few days, err weeks.

Eksena sa CR as I need to go to toilet and do #2, upon finding out I am not with him he began looking foe me and started knocking at the door: 
Caleb: Tuktuk... tuktuk... Mama are you there? 
Me: Yes Leb p**p** lang si Mama. Wait lang ha?
Caleb: Tuktuk MaMa Tuktuk po Mama
Me: Sandali lang Leb.
Caleb: Mamaaaaaaaa iyak iyak iyak

Transcript of the Video: (to follow please remind me hahaha)
C: Oh my car is work ( car is not working)
Mom:What do you need to make it work?
C :Screw Driver
C:Daddy Screw driver please?

When we go home he will always tell us "Iyak Cayeb" well he does because he still doesnt like being alone with our kasambahay :( And because his sleep time is around 12pm and he's sleepy na by the time we come home from Thea's school. So when asked why Iyak si Caleb he'll say "Antok"

It was a chore to take him out of the bathroom everytime he takes a bath, So I set up the alarm (the oven's alarm actually) and when it buzzes (we say Kring) it's time to go out the bathroom. He now obeys and it's really easy for us to leave the bathroom. But now he uses it on us, when I am doing something and he wants to get my attention he'll say Kriiiing Kriiiiing.

He still feeds and I know it's almost time for weaning so I sometimes tell him I got no more milk, with that he says "Ubos na Mama?" 

***Holy Week add ons:
He was hearing pasyon the whole day and he might have wondered why they kept singing so he went to the window and shouted
"Bakit kanta ha?"

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