Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Caleb turns 3 months

And February 2 came, my lil boy turned 3 months :) He now weighs,  dun da da dan, 7.8kg. He is purely breastfed after a month of mix feeding but his weight hasnt stop shooting up. I asked his pedia if i need to lessen intake of sugar but she said it shouldnt be like that. Breastfed babies are usually not overweight. 

Well i guess mana sila ni AteThea sa kin, i was also a big baby even if i was breastfed.

Dad is present for his 3rd month birthday. Here are our pics. The first one was taken using the Ipad by our househelp the second one using my phone Samsung S3 - Alvin took the pics from the phone. 

So which camera takes better pic? Hehe. My hubby is probably grinning now because he's an android fan :P
To you little one, know that mommy loves you dearly. Continue to be mabait, You sleep straight now as in we're upstairs at 7 and you're already sleeping only asking milk every 3 or 4 hours then dozing off again. You really are mommy's son, you give mommy time to rest and you hardly cry except when you are very very sleepy. You shriek when you're hungry, not cry ha but shriek! We laugh out every time we hear you do that, so demanding yet so lovable. So little yet your place in my heart is sooo big. You mesmerize me with your cute smile. You can now lift your head (baby dont be scared hehe), you're a big healthy baby boy :)

Oh how I love looking at you! How I love nursing you, holding your hand, kissing your feet, smelling your breath! I thought before I will have two girls, but God knows I should have a boy and boy am I glad to have you Caleb.

We love you very much, Son. Happy 3rd month birthday.

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