Friday, May 04, 2012

Finding Uniqua

It was morning of April 10 when I last saw Uniqua. I hid her under my pillow before Thea gets a hold of her. She never lets her go thus often hinders activity time, so I try to hide her sometimes. She managed to get her and I dont know what happened after that because I never saw her again.

In case you don't know Uniqua, she is the pink spotted friend from Backyardigans.
Following are photos of my lil girl playing with Uniqua and taking her to places.

bike time Doesnt leave the house without her.
going to Baguio One hand holding a cookie the other holding uniqua!
mirror time Magsasalamin lang kasama pa ang favorite toy.
svensen Brunei Syempre kasama sa restaurant. This time uniqua flew back with us to Brunei. See her and Pablo on the table.
empire hotel Brunei Chicca toy Uniqua dining at a 5-star hotel.
plane Going home to Pinas, Uniqua will never be in the check in baggage laging hand carry yan!
Lastly, a picture that shows how much she is loved by my princess. "She tucks her in." Off to bed now Iqua. I hope you're fine wherever u are.

I was pretty sad when we couldn't find uniqua. Even thea's lolo and Lola are quite concerned about the loss. Her cousins helped me find her but no uniqua was found. So I raised the issue at my FB account. And ask friends to find uniqua for thea. Out of the four I tagged, all based in Canada where backyardigan merchandise abound, 3 replied to find uniqua for our princess. As of this day we have 4 uniqua's, plush toys, one already here in Pinas and 3 is still on its way.

Sabi nga Ask and you shall receive! But if anyone who comes across this blog and has an access to a similar Uniqua my girl is holding in the pics above please do buy me one - I'll pay you promise. I saw the pirate Uniqua toy on ebay but it is in US we'll have to figure out how to deliver it here.

What's your favorite toy when u were a kid? Mine I think is a doll named Emma I got.from an aunt who worked in London. Its a rag doll actually but it was my gave coz she name on her chest!

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