Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Am I born in March?

My birthday is on August pa but I kept on receiving great gifts since March 1!
haaaay, happpy happy happy. Can you feel it? Excited na ko!

Our wedding is moved to May 18, 2008, to support our various plans. Haha, front lang un! Gusto lang talaga ng asawa ko makasal agad, =P (love u dad) Sabi nga ni shawy, bakit ko pa daw papatagalin. Ang bruhang babae sa May 3 ang wedding & bridesmaid pa ko!!! High school classmate din nya un! Magkaputol talaga kami ng pusod ng girlaloo na un!

Kuya Edwin (H2B's brother) & Ate Rebecca (kuya's wife) who came home from Aus paid a visit to our abode last Saturday! And boy was I thrilled to meet both of them. Bubbly and warm. When it was time for them to leave Kuya hugged me pa, as if welcoming me to their family. i love them! My pasalubong? A Sunflower - Elizabeth Arden perfume set! Haay cant ask for more =)

Since the wedding is this May na, makakasama na si Udette sa entourage. Siguro naman di pa sya pupuntang Australia by then no? =P

There is an additional reader of this blog. Now I have 6 million readers =P Dati 5 million lang hahaha. Welcome chie! She's almost 4 months pregnant. She looks fab, Preggylicious!
click to her&her chubby's site

us in Bacong Negros Oriental

My pimples are subsiding. hehehe. nagsubside na yan sa lagay na yan! walang kokontra =D

I have booked the make up artist! yey yey! haaay thank you naman available ang lola!

Wedding Announcer is almost ready. =P other's still work in progress.

I love march! H2B will be here on holy week! Short visit lang but its ok, at least i'll see him na! Yey. Birthday nya din nun! Extra happy!

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