Friday, February 08, 2008

The Jologs guide to Brunei and Malaysia

Haha. What else do Jologs like me do when they visit a country. Hehehe. TAKE PICTURES. and take lots of them! here are just glimpses of our adventures and misadventures to this Malay country.
Btw, i sure look like Malay. They were talking to me in their native language, lah!

passport ready as we enter Miri Malaysia

Gong Xi Fat Chai - Miri Malaysia (rest day ni inday)

Eto naman ang sosyal na palasyo sa brunei. at golden columns in Empire Hotel

one billionth barrel monument in seria

so there i went to brunei to visit my H2B to celebrate the chinese new year. heheh. hinid naman new year lang, yun kasi ung day na wala silang pasok so i went there Wednesday morning! actually i started blogging this out last friday when i was under house arrest coz h2b has to go to work. but its alryt sandali lan naman un sa office after 4 hours kita ko n ulit ang asawa ko.

so wednesday 7:05am flight to brunei, 9am plane touched down brunei and there in the arrival area was my husband waiting for his wife! ehehe.

thursday is miri, malaysia day! weird lang kasi the bridge approaching the boarder has a sign that says "use at your own risk". duh ano un? di nila sure kung makakalampas ka ng buhay dun sa bridge? weird.

friday is work day so i was under house arrest. which is ok lang kasi i was able to fix our wedding annoucer, which is the main reason why we went there - to talk about the wedding and fix things. nways, di ko muna sasabihin ang web address kasi di pa tapos. and i was able to prepare the house for our pre-valentine date. sync naman pala kami kasi he wanted to have a date too. he even brought flowers. nakalmutan daw nya bumili ng candles. eh ako may dala ko candles from manila pa! so friday night was valentines date night!

saturday to sunday nman are one billionth barrel monument, soon lee and empire outing day. heartbreaking ung time n malapit na ko umalis. ung feeling na ayaw ko na lumipad pabalik ng manila but i have to. (wala munang detalye kwentuhan n lang tayo okies?)

so monday morning 1:30am plane touched down manila and were long distance lovers again. we'll wait for another month till we see each other. well, at least we saw each other and we had our 5 days together! yipee!

so cheers to all bruneiyukis like moi!

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