Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hectic december

december started with lots of rushes!

well, december is usually "hectic" due to lots of work in the office and church too. and with schooling this year, i could hardly manage to juggle all three.

work requires me to make several runs of financial projection that will meet the scrutiny of the board members. as in revision after revision. (walang kamatayang revision ito! kakaloka)

i was again elected auditor at church. and that means attending the planning for the whole year etc. (kakapagod din, pero manageable naman) if u knew the mess finance team has undergone this year u'd knew why the team's need to prepare for the coming year. glad that chaos is over. order is gradually coming =) Amen!

then to add to the already hectic schedule, school requirement came in. there was this 40-pager risk assessment report and presentation on PNB for risk management. i got leah and sha as team mates for this report. buti n lang these girls are great! i love them. we finished the report on the day before the deadline. hehe not exactly, we even had a prob on the day of presentation. when sha's laptop broke down and she has to make a presentation again. glad she was able to finish it in an hour!

and then there were these final exams for financial economics and risk mngt

with all these, we can't stop Christmas from approaching. and i'm glad at least after all this chaos, something wonderful is on its way. all else will seem insignificant. (not in its entirety though, but hey it will lessen the burden ayt?)

i am happy that God has given me lots of reason to be thankful for! He has been so great. and hopefully I'll be able to give thanks to the savior not only during this season but always.

Its the season of hope friends! A season of love! May all of us abound in hope and love this coming Christmas and all the days of the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Cheers to 2008!

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