Thursday, May 11, 2006

RA 8972

Hi! This piece is for my “solo parent” friends. I happened to know about this certain Republic Act 8972 last month when one officemate used her 7-day parental leave, one of the benefits of the “Solo Parent Welfare Act”.

It is not easy raising a child, more so alone. I admire the courage of these women/men who know and face the importance of their sacred duty. (And btw, those men who think with their legs, those who run at the first sight of those two red stripes doesn't have the right to be called dad.) These kids are gifts that a mom/dad should cherish and dutifully raise. And it is fitting that we have this act to help those who bring up their baby solo. The act is already 6 years old; sadly though only a handful knows the assistance they can get from our government through this act.

“Under RA 8972, the following qualifies as solo parents: those who bear a child as a result of crimes committed against chastity such as rape; when anyone of the spouses is serving a jail sentence; if any of the spouses is dead; if person is abandoned by spouse; if person has filled a case of annulment; if person’s spouse is mentally or physically incapacitated; and, if a person is a licensed foster parent.”

“Among the assistance that a solo parent could avail under RA 8972 are: a maximum of seven-day parental leave with pay every year; apply for vocational education; scholarship grants for children; protection against work discrepancies; considered priority in housing benefits of the government; and, flexible working schedule for those in government employ.”

:: this is the republic act verbatim ::

:: solo parent network online

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