Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This really is not what I intended to post for the first time in this blog but fate led me to a situation where I couldn’t contain myself telling.

On my way to office I saw a lady being beaten by a man. She was petite, clad in blue (its like a hospital uniform), long haired. The ruthless man is heavy, tall and wearing long sleeves shirt, his motorcycle just behind him. It was a daunting sight - the man is pulling the lady’s hair, punching and pushing her. He, I think, is actually making her go away. The poor lady beaten and all still wants to cling to his man. Is this love? I suppose not.

I feel sorry for that woman, I pity the man, I am upset to the many men, neighbors, who did not do a thing to save her.

What is love and how do you love? “Love your neighbors as you love yourself”, the 2nd commandment. It doesn’t say love them period it says as you love yourself. To respect and love yourself = To respect and love others. Disproportion of these two would lead to disaster.

Whatever their situation may be there would be nothing to convince me to understand why he has to beat her up. Its all primeval opinion of men that they are extra superior to women. When will this end? And where is justice? How long will we play deaf whenever we see domestic violence around us?

To my girl friends, please don’t let your partner do that to you. I know someone who had the same experience. All the while we knew she was all right. The bruises and scars were due to minor incidents, well we thought so. She is bubbly, tactful, beautiful and intelligent (honor student, duh). We couldn’t understand what on earth happened to her. She said its love, again, I don’t think so. (She's ok now! Thank God!)

The incident happened this morning, I was walking towards the jeepney station and they were on the main street. Imagine the disgrace that lady felt. Picture the men watching as if it was a scene from “Gulong ng Palad”. I wanted to help her, to tell her to run, or maybe take her to a hospital (or psychiatrist) wherever. But I was scared that if I help her he will beat me too, that everyday on my way to take the jeepney I have to run as fast as I could in fear that he might show up. Still I have to do something, I couldn’t just walk away and do nothing. Knowing that policemen were stationed somewhere near the area, I went and told them to go to that place and help the lady. I hope they managed to do something. At least there were two of them opposite that violent man (who is btw much bigger than each of them), I could only cross my finger.

I hope that that woman would realize that clinging to a man like that would do her no good. I pray that she will see the value of herself with what she is and not with whom she is with.

No man has a right to abuse any woman. :: article at the Manila Bulletin Online ::

And oh, I wish that the man didn’t see me talk to the police, because if that was so I’ll be dead by sunset. Hehehe. I think, I really have to run on my way to the jeepney station tomorrow.

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